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In difficult and challenging times, it helps to have someone at your side who supports you and sees answers and solutions that are denied to you. Through the intensive exchange and the messages from the spiritual world, new doors open and the path no longer seems so rocky.


What awaits you?

In certain phases of life, you long for a person and a partner who recognizes your own essence and opens up fresh perspectives. As part of the mentoring, you will not only receive spiritual support, but also the opportunity for intensive self-reflection and strengthening.

Silke will guide you through every step of your journey, recognize the true background and help you to make the most of this phase. She will put you at the center and support you in listening to your inner voice during challenging times.



There are times that are particularly challenging for you. Times in which you need a support, which also gives you spiritual support. A support who explains every single stone on your path, who recognizes the true backgrounds or connections, so that you can use this time optimally for yourself. 

A person who puts you in the center and helps you to learn to listen to yourself and your personal voice, especially in times that are not easy. 

Silke Liederbach will give you spiritual support at a very important step on your life path and support you so that you can walk these steps alone. In this very personal mentoring you will be the focus of Silke Liederbach for three months. 

This three month Mentoring includes: 

  • A 1 hour weekly reading with Silke Liederbach 

  • Access to Silke Liederbach's private WhatsApp number, where she will be available to coach you whenever possible 

  • Training in self-esteem and self-love 

  • Recognize your personal abilities 

  • Learn to contact your energy team independently 

See your situation as a chance to feel a never before felt self-love and abundance with the help of mentoring, with the help of which you are prepared for everything in your life. 

The energy expenditure for this three-month mentoring program is


3.000 Euro
(excluding VAT).

The meeting exchange between Silke and you Silke takes place in a very close exchange via Zoom and WhatsApp. This deeply impressive experience will accompany you forever. The start and further dates will be arranged individually after booking

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